When it comes to safety, it is important to assess any and all risks before taking any action. For work-related activities, a safety assessment should be conducted to identify any potential hazards and to put in place measures to mitigate those hazards.

A safety assessment should be tailored to the specific activity and should consider the following factors:

The work activity itself - what is involved and how is it done?

The work environment - what are the physical conditions and what hazards are present?

The workers - who is doing the work and what are their abilities?

The tools and equipment - what is being used and how is it operated?

The hazards - what could go wrong and how might it happen?

When assessing hazards, it is important to consider not only the likelihood of an incident occurring, but also the severity of potential injuries.

Once the hazards have been identified, it is important to put in place measures to mitigate those hazards. This might include things such as safe work procedures, training, and use of personal protective equipment.

It is also important to conduct regular reviews of safety assessments to ensure that they are still relevant and that any new hazards that have been identified are addressed.

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